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VistaBizHub is an enterprise-focused cloud computing Managed Service Provider dedicated to implementing cloud infrastructure and building bespoke IT cloud solutions.

We partner with only the best solution providers, to ensure that our customers have access to the highest quality and most innovative cloud tool sets available today.

Our advisory services helps align cloud to support your business strategy, through the means of process design, and infrastructure management.


Advisory Services

Digital & Technology Strategy

Digital will continue to be disruptive across all industries. We support organizations to maximize the effectiveness of the core business, through iterative strategy development, management of digital innovation and developing a pragmatic approach to risk and complexity. Alongside our clients, we help them to realize the business benefit of technology, through our ability to lead, shape, plan and deliver technology-enabled change and results.

Business & User Needs Analysis

We are passionate about ensuring all technology is appropriate to meet the required needs of the organization, its people and its customers. User profiling facilitates the marriage between user needs, business requirements, commercial constraints and technical limitations. In iteratively discovering the needs of users and placing these within the wider business context, we create a foundation to deliver the right technology solutions to deliver real business value and uptimes performance and operations.

Insight, Innovation & Analysis

Data is one of your most powerful currencies. Discover what data your organization has, work out what it means through the use of advanced analytics and we will support your organization in driving tangible results out of your data. Our capabilities range from mapping and definition of data architecture, through to providing platforms to perform detailed analysis and presentation, and platforms for the management and exploitation of connected devices. We can enable your organization to gain maximum return on investment and lead to increased business growth, through effective structuring, integration and exploitation of data.

Technology Organization & Design

Corporate IT is increasingly fragmented; increasingly defined by the software and services that sit between you and your customers. The need for cohesive technology management to unify an operating model comprising multiple third party vendors has never been greater. We make sure your services, processes and people are integrated with one another and – more importantly – integrated with your business goals, illustrating how you can transform operational efficiency, productivity and profit margin.

Corporate Identity Protection

Every day in the news, there’s a new cyber security infringement reported. Do you know how to defend your brands and enforce your rights throughout the domain landscape? With the introduction of new gTLDs, companies are facing increased risks of cyber squatting and typo squatting. The best defense is a solid brand protection and enforcement strategy. Our Corporate Identity Protection Services provide guidance to help you navigate the changes in the domain landscape and successfully enforce your rights.​

Application Lifecycle Management

Providing organizations with a methodology for not only assessing and qualifying the value of an application, but also for cost effective management of applications as they approach end of life, unlocking capital and resources to focus on value-enhancing transformational change. ​​


In The Cloud On The Floor

CloudBizHub (IaaS)

At CloudBizHub, we don’t simply implement technology, we enable new ways of working. CloudBizHub’s enterprise-class Infrastructure as a Service platform is a one-stop-shop for cloud success. From development, testing and staging sites through to scaled production environments on a resilient platform that your business can count on.

Public Cloud (I/PaaS)

We can support most platform requirements and, we remain solution-agnostic and outcome-focused. Whether the right solution for your company is Microsoft’s Azure, Amazon’s AWS; or other specialist cloud capabilities, we can advise you accordingly, application by application, function by function.

Architecture & Design

When designing a technical solution, we consider all the technical and practical implications, including how users access applications and data; along with the available or required connectivity and networking. We will assess the comparative benefits of on premise infrastructure versus fully cloud based or hybrid solutions. 

Cyber Risk & Security

CloudBizHub can support you to gain a realistic and ongoing view of your security risk profile. We provide actionable advice and practical solutions, enabling your organization to be safer and more secure. This includes measurement and reporting against industry standards and best practice, giving your management, board and customers reassurance.

Managed Services

Our primary goal is to proactively manage the health of IT infrastructure and applications along with preventative remediation. As a standard component of the support service, dedicated monitoring resources focus on availability and capacity events. However, we offer the option of a more advanced monitoring service for organizations looking to ensure that IT infrastructure and applications remain highly available and continually perform at an optimum level.

Data Protection

Your data is your business, your business is your data. Get enterprise-level backup and disaster recovery protection for complete business confidence. Through CloudBizHub we deliver rapid backup and restoration of files and services across your entire IT infrastructure, including all physical and virtual servers and storage devices. A disaster at your business premises or data center could bring your business to its knees. CloudBizHub provides expansive disaster recovery to make sure that never happens.


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